I love sports and Manchester City is my favourite football (soccer) team. I adore this team and so far they have had a great season. Going into today they were undefeated in league play. Today they lost. 

I bring this up for a few reasons. First, I watched the game with my friends from the Manchester City Supporters Group at a pub and didn’t partake in any pub food. With burgers, fries and the usual fare around me I just sipped on my Diet Pepsi (0 points)

After the loss I was understandably annoyed (ok mad) and I hit a drive thru but I didn’t get a burger and fries, no I got a small chilli from Wendy’s (3 points) and came home and had a turkey wrap with it. 

These are small wins. I can be an emotional eater but I don’t want to continue that trend. Manchester City will bounce back and be fine. But more importantly we are almost a week in and I am making better choices. Much better than a few weeks ago!


Whittier Out!