Keith Whittier is a Canadian film reviewer and regular attendee at the Toronto Film Festival, who has attended or been accredited for TIFF, Sundance, SXSW, and the Cannes, Venice, and Berlin Film Festivals. His work regularly appears in Ottawa Life Magazine, Blast the Radio, CHUO FM 89.1 and his multiple platforms online (Witty Whittier’s World, facebookYouTubeTwitter & Twitch).

Keith is a renaissance man, a multifaceted personality who has done and experienced a lot in his years on earth. He has previously worked in the radio and telecommunications field, the financial sector, and as a web guru, for which he created and ran his own company which focused on internet marketing solutions.

His love has always been movies, though, and when the opportunity came up to become a film reviewer, he jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back. He has an eclectic taste in film, with favourites ranging from classics like The Godfather, to current favourites such as Parasite, from critically acclaimed cult films such as Mulholland Drive to lesser-known “second chance” films like Vampire Academy.

Keith’s reviewing style is markedly positive and upbeat. While not hesitant to point out flaws in a film, or something that didn’t quite work for him, Keith is not the type of personality that derives glee from trashing things. He is an incredibly (some might say infectiously) positive man who chooses, in his life, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and the same extends to his film reviewing.

When not reclining in a darkened theatre, chomping on popcorn and enjoying his voyage into whichever cinematic world is flashing before his eyes, you can find Keith supporting his beloved Manchester City football team, and the Ottawa RedBlacks of the Canadian Football League. He also likes candlelight dinners, stimulating conversation, and long walks on the beach (Jessica Chastain, if you’re reading this, contact info is on the site!)

Thank you so much for checking this site out! We’ll see you at the movies!


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