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Ted Lasso
January 7, 2024

It started off as a joke. Ted Lasso was supposed to be a fun comedic bit. The hook was simple, a fish out of water character, played by Jason Sudekis, that has no true understanding of European football (soccer) and was speaking with actual coaches and reporters and kept mixing up terminology as he was unfamiliar with the sport.

This was a promotional piece when NBC got the rights to broadcast the English Premiere League in the United States.

The commercials were a hilarious hit and then a tv series was developed from that. The show was extremely well received. The show won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series two years in a row and at the time of writing this is nominated for a third. It has won 9 other Emmy Awards including acting awards for Sudekis, Brett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham.

In the final season, which aired in 2023, there are those that felt there was a drop in quality. Respectfully, I didn’t see that.

One of the things I loved about the greatest show of all time aka Breaking Bad, is that it didn’t overstay its welcome. Beginning. Middle. End. The same can be said for Ted Lasso. If I was to binge all three seasons, I personally wouldn’t notice a drop in quality in the final episodes. Were all episodes outstanding? No, but the majority were.

Ted Lasso tackled, no pun intended, important themes throughout the course of the show such as mental health, same sex relationships and racism just to name a few.

My biggest criticism of the show is that it wasn’t really a comedy. Unless someone in proximity to my watching the show was constantly cutting onions the show was definitely a dramedy.

It did a great job of bringing in real life situations to the show like ‘shut up and dribble, and the Super league, just to mention a few.

I also appreciated the growth of many of the characters from season one through three. The writing on the show was fantastic.

There were also times that one could forget Sudekis was part of the show because the material was spread so well amongst the supporting characters.

I am not submitting that Ted Lasso was the best show of 2023 but it had a great three season run and the plane was landed very well.

Many people with an Apple TV+ subscription either got it for Ted Lasso or have seen the show.  Not bad for a show that started off as a joke.

Ted Lasso was one of the better recent shows on television and it had a fantastic series finale and that is why I find that show fascinating.

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