Is there anything more unforgiving than a side profile? Sometimes I get up and look directly in the mirror and I am feeling good about things….but sometimes….maybe when I am walking by a glass building, or a mirror I catch a glimpse of my side profile and then reality hits….Am I pregnant?

Yes, the side profile can be harsh. I have a weight that I want to get to and we will discuss that in the future but one measurement of success for me will be getting the side profile in check. Essentially, ‘delivering my baby’.

5 days in and I have been successful. I am weighing myself everyday and I have lost 6 pounds so far. The bigger piece of news is I have completely resisted any form of temptation…but it’s week one. Let’s keep that going. I am not focussed on the end goal at this point, as I am more focussed on each day.

I have lost weight before….so many times before….and I always find it again. In those times, I may have been more concerned with the end game but not now. Right now I am thinking about what I will eat over the weekend and  how many points will it be? I am thinking about what I will make for meals next week.

6 pounds I n 5 days…I’ll take that. Screw you bad side profile! Your days are numbered

Whittier Out!