This journey is almost two weeks old and I think it’s time to lay out some goals. I am doing well in that I have lost weight and have seen a change in my dietary habits but where are we going? What does success look like? I need goals and I have three. I am going to list out what the goal is and how I plan to attain it.

  1. Be able to fit into every article of clothing in my closet.

The How:

I want to get to 230 lbs. This is not my final desired weight but it is a goal to work towards. I will continue to follow Weight Watchers and increase the amount of times I exercise a week.

  1. Be able to stand on one foot and tie my shoe.

The How:

This is very specific and it speaks to flexibility. Right now, obviously, I can’t do this. I plan to incorporate more stretching into my life and God help me….try Yoga.

This will be difficult for most people to understand but I find yoga extremely intimidating (look for an upcoming blog on that) but I do feel it can help my overall flexibility so sometime in Q1 of 2019 I want to try it……send prayers

  1. Run a 5K

The How:

Currently when I go to the gym I walk from anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours on the treadmill. I have walking down! I want to switch it up. I want to try one of ‘Couch to 5K’ programs and run a 5K sometime in 2019. Who knows, maybe I can even get to 10, but with all due respect to my marathon friends, running a half or a full is not my idea of a good time.

Therefore, my goals are to lose weight, get more flexible and increase my cardio.

Stay tuned!