How do I start this?

Hello, my name is Keith and I need to lose weight? Hi, my name is Keith and welcome to my weight loss journey?

Perhaps I need to be more direct, my name is Keith and after making some not great food choices I feel I need to take action for a better me. A Witty 2.0 if you will and I will document my progress here.

I will try to keep you entertained. I will try to be inspiring. Most of all, I will try to be successful.

This is a challenging time as I am going through a break up. I broke up with movie popcorn, I broke up with ice cream, I broke up with Presidents Choice chocolate chip cookies and most of all…..I broke up with…..I can’t say it….I broke up with chocolate almonds. (Cue gasp)

I know different people like different programs and my go to is Weight Watchers. I have found that program to be helpful for me in the past. I lose weight when I stick to it…but when I don’t I find it all back.

So here we go. Today is Day 4 as I started on December 3rd but today is my first post. Wish me luck!

Whittier Out!