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As Seen in Ottawa Life Magazine!

Several years I ago teamed up with Ottawa Life Magazine. Here are some of my articles that are featured on their website.

Conversations with Keith

I find people fascinating and I think we all have our own story. Interviews and conversations are a great way to explore those stories.


The 2018 CFL season kicked off i n Ottawa Thursday night. Here is my recap.Where can you find Witty?facebooktwitteryoutube

Win Passes to see an Advance Screening of Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

 Release Date: Friday, June 8, 2018 Toronto. Friday, June 15th Vancouver & Montreal Synopsis: From  Academy  Award®  -winning  filmmaker  Morgan  Neville (20  Feet  from  Stardom),  Won’t  You  Be  My  Neighbor?  takes  an  intimate  look  at  America’s favorite ...

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Movie Review

Synopsis: During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion. Stars: Alden Ehrenreich Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke Director: Ron Hoaward...

Book Club – Movie Review

Synopsis: Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club. Stars: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen Director: Bill Holderman Grade: B- (My Grading Scale)Where can you find...

Deadpool 2 – Movie Review

Synopsis: Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy of supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling mutant, Cable. Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Moreca Baccarin...

Most Anticipated Films Summer 2018

BBQ season has commenced, the drive-in theatres are about to open, people are happy about the warm weather and you know what.....Summer Movie Season is here! I present the 11 movies I cant to see this summer (because 10 isn't enough).....in alphabetical order. Ant Man...

Life of the Party – Movie Review

Synopsis: After her husband abruptly asks for a divorce, a middle-aged mother returns to college in order to complete her degree. Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Molly Gordon Director: Ben Falcone Grade: B- (My Grading Scale)Where can you find Witty?facebooktwitteryoutube

Breaking In – Movie Review

Synopsis: A woman fights to protect her family during a home invasion. Stars: Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke Director: James McTeigue Grade: C+ (My Grading Scale)Where can you find Witty?facebooktwitteryoutube

Win Passes to see an Advance Screening of Adrift

 Release Date: Friday, June 1, 2018 Synopsis: Based on the true story of survival, a young couple's chance encounter leads them first to love, and then on the adventure of a lifetime as they face one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. Calgary...

Bad Samaritan – Movie Review

Synopsis: A pair of burglars stumble upon a woman being held captive in a home they intended to rob. Stars: Robert Sheehan, David Tennant Director: Dean Devlin Grade: B (My Grading Scale)Where can you find Witty?facebooktwitteryoutube

Tully – Movie Review

Synopsis: A mother of three hires a night nanny to help with her newborn. Stars: Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston, Mark Duplass Director: Jason Reitman Grade: B (My Grading Scale)Where can you find Witty?facebooktwitteryoutube

Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

Synopsis: The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chadwick...

Beirut – Movie Review

Synopsis: Caught in the crossfires of civil war, CIA operatives must send a former U.S. diplomat to negotiate for the life of a friend he left behind. Stars: Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike, Director: Jeff Wadlow Grade: B (My Grading Scale)Where can you find...

I Feel Pretty – Movie Review

Synopsis: A woman struggling with insecurity wakes from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when she realizes her appearance never changed? Stars: Amy Schumer,...

Kodachrome – Movie Review

Synopsis: Set during the final days of the admired photo development system known as Kodachrome, a father and son hit the road in order to reach the Kansas photo lab before it closes its doors for good. Stars: Elizabeth Olsen, Jason Sudekis, Ed Harris, Director: Mark...

Truth or Dare – Movie Review

Synopsis: A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone — or something — begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare. Stars: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beanne Director: Jeff Wadlow Grade: C+ (My Grading Scale)Where can you...

Rampage – Movie Review

Synopsis: Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry transforms this gentle ape into a raging monster. Stars: Dwayne Johnson,...