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The Cast and Director of CODA
January 20, 2022
There were many great films at the Sundance Film Festival, heck there were many great films I saw in 2021 but the film that captured my heart was CODA. (Children of Deaf Adults.) The film takes place in Massachusetts where we meet a fishing family. Ruby (Emila Jones) is the only member of her family that can hear. Her parents played by Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur and her brother, Daniel Durant, are all deaf.

The film is very touching as we see that how they navigate through the world, communicating with each other through sign language. There are many things to love about this film. First it highlights a group of people that aren’t usually represented on screen, but it also humanizes them, (they find Tinder funny too).

We are in a time of discussing representation not only in film but in society. Usually we discuss visible minorities, the Indigenous community, Women, the LGBT + community but very rarely do I hear the discussion come to the disabled.  While I think visibility for all is important this movie served as a reminder for the hearing impaired.

I loved this film!

Writer/Director Sian Heder has assembled a beautiful piece of cinema and by the end of the film I swear there was something in my eye!

The Cast and Sian Heder came together as wonderful as peanut butter and jam, chocolate and almonds, Prince and music.

Yes, this film swept both the Jury and Audience Awards at the Sundance Film Festival but it’s because the movie connects with people. It is an incredibly sweet story that stood out in film last year.

The Cast and Director of CODA  constructed a film that is original, beautiful and relevant and those are the reasons why I find them fascinating.

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