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She Came to Me – Movie Review
October 6, 2023

Synopsis: A composer who suffers writer’s block rediscovers his passion after an adventurous one-night stand.
Director: Rebecca Miller
Stars: Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei

People can meet in many places — the gym, at work, the grocery store — but in She Came to Me, Director Rebecca Miller explores the idea that love can also be found in a tugboat.

In her newest film, which premiered earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festival, we meet Steven Lauddem (Peter Dinklage), a composer who recently went through a traumatic experience. Helping him through it was his therapist, Patricia (Anne Hathaway), whom he later married.

While Stephen is brilliant at his job, he is uncomfortable with people. During social interactions, he has challenges looking people in the eye as he converses with them. His idiosyncrasies are on full display throughout the film, and Patricia is not only used to them but knows how to help him through them.

Stephen is dealing with writer’s block, and to assist him, Patricia sends him out for a walk. During this walk, he meets Katrina (Marisa Tomei), a tugboat captain — yes, that’s a thing — and the two hit it off.

The chance encounter helps cure Steven’s writer’s block but opens a whole slew of other issues.

Meanwhile, Patricia’s son Julian (Evan Ellison) and his girlfriend Tereza (Harlow Jane) are embarking on young love, much to the chagrin of Tereza’s overprotective father (Brian d’Arcy James). And while this is a subplot, the performances are enough to draw interest from the audience.

Assembling a cast that includes a four-time Emmy winner and two Academy Award winners is quite impressive, and Miller should be commended for that.

Dinklage does brooding very well. He continues to rack up roles that show he is much more than Tyrion Lannister. He brings a certain level of comedy to this role but is also relatable to those with similar experiences.

Anne Hathaway’s Patricia balances so many hats in this film: therapist, wife, mother, all while trying to understand what inspires and motivates her, but Hathaway nails it.

I don’t know if Marisa Tomei will ever get the credit she deserves, but she is always great onscreen. In this role, not only does she bring legitimacy to the fine occupation of tugboat captain, but she also brings to life a character who might be the most intriguing of all. She is on a quest for acceptance. Each character seems to be going through something of a self-discovery.

The film blends comedy and drama well. The acting and writing are strong. Not all of it works, but it’s still entertaining.

Grade: B-

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