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Fascinating People of 2023
Harry Mack
January 7, 2024

Harry Mack is a freestyle rapper. This year I became one of his 2.6 million YouTube subscribers and like anyone who has seen him I was immediately captivated by his talent.

His hustle is impressive and somewhat relentless. His method is simple, he walks around heavily populated areas with a Bluetooth speaker and ask people for three words. He would then take those words and create a freestyle rap. He has done that for years in multiple cities across multiple continents.

He was also featured on the website Omegle where he would go on and create freestyle raps for people on that platform.

Slowly but surely has built a strong audience and constantly leaves people in amazement of his skills. He completed a tour where every show, based on his style, was unique.

He has been obsessed with hip hop since he was a kid. He has developed his skill over time and mentions artists like Nas as inspirations.

I’ve included a video so you can see for yourself as this is the one entrant you have to see to believe.

It isn’t simply the fact that he is very talented but even with success that has taken him to different opportunities and tv show appearances he remains humble and genuine.

Harry Mack is a true student of hip hop and someone who has done his homework and now sits at the top of his class and that is why I find him fascinating.

Where can you find Witty?


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