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Win a Trip to Browntown – Movie Review
March 27, 2022
Synopsis: Frank Tsigas is a middle-aged family man who can only see his life’s shortcomings. To distract him, his soft-spoken wife Laura offers a unique anniversary gift: she bets her ass that he can’t lose 50 pounds in three months…literally.
Director: George A. Tramountanas
Stars: George A. Tramountanas, Kendra McDermott, Amelia Samson

Well, this was different. I have been saying for the last few years that this is the time for filmmakers to be creating. Over the last 24 months, I have seen many great movies that don’t rely on a big budget or special effects but just good storytelling. Win a Trip to Browntown is just that type movie.

Nothing gets blown up, no major special effects but you get some original storytelling in a very funny script. Now to discuss this movie we have to recognize that George Tramountanas is a smart man. He; also seems to like a lot on his plate He wrote, directed, produced and stars in this film. That isn’t what makes him smart but the fact he had the good sense to employ family members in front of and behind the camera. The good sense to cast the very funny Kendra McDermott and mostly the good sense to see this film to competition.

Browntown is a film that offers one thing but delivers something else. Tramountanas plays a Frank a man at a crossroads in his life. Frank, like most of us, has dreams and aspirations, but he isn’t seeing them come true. As a way to help motivate him his wife offers him something unique to help him achieve his goal. That is what the film is offering. Can Frank lose the 50lbs agreed upon between him and his wife Laura? (played by McDermott)

What made this movie enjoyable for me was all of the subplots. We have the dynamic of the children at home, we have Laura trying to hold it together while dealing with the ‘mean Moms’ at her kids school, we have Frank’s coworkers who represent some interesting dynamics as well.

As I am watching this film what I didn’t expect were all the funny, relatable scenes that were mixed in. If you are in a marriage, have kids or know people who do and have heard the stories this movie should connect with you.

Kendra McDermott is a find! She’s had some supporting roles before, but she should be on our radar. She’s funny! She did a great job of bringing the script by Tramountanas to life.

And while I can be skeptical about directors acting in their own projects that is part of Tramountanas’s charm with this project. He’s believable. He becomes Frank in a way where you aren’t questioning his performances authenticity.

I thought this movie was very funny more so for the subplots and the journey as opposed to the main ‘plot’. I would argue though that the main plot isn’t if our Frank can lose the desired weight and get his ‘reward’. For me the main focus was family and the situations we can find ourselves in. And relatable is funny.

Win a Trip to Browntown may not jump to your attention but perhaps it should. This is a fun, quirky movie that worked for me and I think it will for you.

Grade: B

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