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Top 10 Signs That You Spent to Much Time at TIFF
September 19, 2015

As TIFF comes to a close and with 35 movies seen this year this seemed appropriate.

The Top 10 signs spent too much time at TIFF!

10. During the previews at screenings you are convinced you do the best pirate impression!

9. You’re on the TIFF site every morning at 7 am to see what other screenings now have tickets available

8. The smell of popcorn no longer has the same effect on you

7. Your favourite Piers is no longer Morgan (the guy at CNN) but Handling, (the guy at TIFF)

6. a-ha’s ‘Take on Me’ is now your ringtone

5. In your opinion Rush is no longer the name of an iconic Canadian rock group it’s what you do to get into movies

4. You know which restaurants near the Festival can have you in an out within 30 min so you can get to your next screening

3. You know most of the programmers by name and may have developed a crush on Allison Freeman

2. You love people in orange t-shirts

And the number one sign you’ve spent too much time at TIFF….

1. You are already looking into upgrading your membership for next year


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