What is Witty Watching?

The Worst Movies of 2016
January 2, 2017

Imagine you are about to eat something that you’ve never had before and someone comes along and tells you not to as it could make you really sick. That’s me. Making sure you don’t watch a really bad movie that will make you sick.

With that in mind I present the worst movies of 2016.

#5. Zoolander 2 I have nothing against Ben Stiller but this movie was about as useful as a barbershop on the steps of the guillotine. A great excuse for friends to work together but a terrible reason for us to go to the cinema.

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#4. London Has Fallen Another terrible sequel. In the first installment, Olympus Has Fallen, I was taken in with great action. This film just had a ridiculous plot with a lead character that was more of a closet racist than a hero.

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#3. Money Monster Jodie Foster is an amazing actress but not a great director.  She shouldn’t direct….like ever. This movie just wasted a lot of great talent and should be missed.

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#2. I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House This movie was supposed to scare me, I was supposed to be terrified. Not even a little bit. I left this film thinking ‘I am the stupid person who saw this movie’

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#1. The Bad Batch Easily the worst movie of the year. Saw this crapfest at TIFF. The saddest part of this movie was when the woman beside me woke up from her nap and I had to tell her it wasn’t over.


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