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The Best & Worst Movies of 2018…..so far
July 7, 2018


We are halfway through 2018 so what better time to reflect on the good..the bad…and the so-so so far at the cinemas for 2018.

First, let’s hand out some Honorable Mentions:

Best International Movie: Cardboard Gangsters. Mark O’Connors portrayal of gang life in Ireland is as authentic as it comes.
Best International Movie Runner Up: How Long Will I Love You This Chinese film about time traveling love (He’s in 1999 and she’s in 2018 but they share the same apartment) seems quirky but they pull it off.

The ‘Steven Speilberg is Back!!!’ Award: Ready Player One What a fun movie and a nice departure from some of the more serious movie he had made recently.

The ‘I waited 10 years for this???’ Award: The Strangers: Prey at Night The original home invasion movie was decent and I thought after 10 years we would get a decent sequel. Nope.

The Worst Timed Release: Solo: A Star Wars Story. While we love Star Wars we weren’t even six months removed from The Last Jedi. That coupled with the fact we had just gone through Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2! Could the studio not have waited on this release?  The box office said yes, they should have.

Best Remake: Death Wish Bruce Willis playing an armed grieving husband out for revenge? Yes please!

Best Twist Ending: Tully

Movie that would make John Hughes Proud: Love, Simon Along with Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Edge of Seventeen this film effectively taps into the high school psyche as our protagonist deals with the conflict of revealing who he is to his friends and family.

Best Documentary: Won’t You Be My Neighbor Can someone be that nice, that kind and that generous? Yes they can..his name was Fred Rogers.

The Forget About mother! Award: Red Sparrow Thank you Jennifer Lawrence. Faith restored.


The Worst Movies of 2018….so far 

Action Point: I wonder how Barack Obama is doing? I wonder when Walt and Jesse will show up on Better Call Saul? Will Calgary blow another Grey Cup if they get there? Oh none of this has anything to do with this movie. I just wanted you to know what what was going through my head while I was wasting time in the theatre seeing this film. Knoxville has been better. He hasn’t been much worse.

Forever my Girl: She could be someone elses girl if you make her watch this!

Fifty Shades Freed: 1. Christian Grey, stop brooding, you aren’t Batman! 2. The only thing freed was the audience when this was over!

Pacific Rim: Uprising: Stub your toe on a sharp object..it’ll be less painful!


And now, the Best Movies of 2018 so far! 

A Quiet Place: Don’t. Make. A. Sound. Just enjoy the brilliance that John Krasinski serves up on the screen.

Black Panther: The best Marvel movie ever? It’s certainly in the conversation. Forget about the cultural impact this movie has had (I see you Chadwick Boseman) I loved pretty much everything about this film from the cinematography, the action, the story, the acting and the amazing post credit song ‘All the Stars’ by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the biggest movies of all time!
Wakanda Forever!

Indian Horse: Not only the best Canadian movie of the year but one of the best of the year. The controversy of residential schools is the crux of this film but Sladen Peltier, in his acting debut, will blow your mind with his tour de force performance.

Paddington 2: A movie about a bear…who likes marmalade and gets sent to prison for something he didn’t do made this list? Have you seen it? See it and tell me it doesn’t make your list!

Tag: Simply put…the funniest movie of the year!

The Tale: Laura Dern has never been better in writer/director Jennifer Cox’s biographical depiction of her challenging childhood.

Upgrade: Leigh Whannell has done it again. The writer of Saw brings us a futuristic movie that is flying under the radar. It shouldn’t! It needs to be seen!





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