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Chasing Pavement: Blog 1-The Quest
May 29, 2016

Hi, my name is Keith Whittier; I assume most of you know that who have visited my site before, but for those of you who haven’t….Hi, my name is Keith Whittier.

This blog is a record of a journey. I am currently on a quest to complete 40,000 steps in one day. ‘40K in a day’ would be a personal best and something I would be quite proud of. I am getting ahead of myself.

This all started on May 21 when I saw this post on Twitter:


This amazing accomplishment was achieved by Jamie Yuccas, who is a correspondent for CBS News. I’m a big fan of hers as not only does she seem super cool, but she also has the pleasure of  working for (in my opinion) one of the best news broadcasters in the US.

After seeing this I got inspired; I thought to myself ‘this is amazing’. Now I realize people who run marathons etc would have no problems toppling this feat, but I don’t run marathons- I don’t walk marathons. 🙂 My best day was approximately 26,000 steps and that was a day I went to the gym twice and played a game of soccer.

Social Networking is funny. Sometimes you see posts that make you smile, some might make you angry, this one inspired me. Some people had different reactions to her photo. Some shared congratulations, while others took the attitude of ‘well you’re in New York, that’s easy’. With all due respect, wherever you are, 32,000 steps in a day isn’t easy.

The average goal is said to be  about 10,000 steps per day. For me, some days are between 7-8k and some are 10-15k. 40,000 would be a stretch. I woke up the morning after the post, still determined to accomplish this goal. I realized early in my ‘planning’ process if I was going to pull this off I would need a P.I.C. (a partner in crime!). That’s when I brought my friend Ron in; you’ll get to know him in a future blog.

So let’s review the basic questions:

What: This is a quest to beat my personal step goal of 26,000 steps and crush 40,000.
Why: Why am I doing it? Weight loss goals are all well and good, but really, who makes step goals??? Why am I doing this blog? Because I like blogs and accountability-I can’t tell everyone I am working towards something and not do it. Plus the same way Jamie inspired me, perhaps Ron and I can inspire some people along the way.
When: June 25. I will also get into that date in a future blog.
How: We will accomplish this goal with a combination of some running, but mainly walking in Ottawa (Ontario). We have already begun our ‘training.’

Here are today’s results and this includes a 10KM walk that Ron and I did tonight:


Almost half way there!!!

Stay tuned for my next video blog-the Quest has begun!

Whittier out!


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