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At Midnight – Movie Review
February 10, 2023

Synopsis: At Midnight is a romantic comedy about two people who have made the “safe” choice not to fall in love.
Director: Jonah Feingold
Stars: Monica Barbaro, Anders Holm, Diego Boneta, Whitney Cummings

After starring in last years Paramount Pictures’ juggernaut Top Gun: Maverick it stood to reason that Monica Barbaro would get more work from the studio. This film, on Paramount Plus, is proof of that. In the film she plays Sophie Wilder. Sophie is a movie star in a relationship with her co-star, Adam Clark (Anders Holm).

She is devoted to the relationship but Adam, not so much. This is showcased by the fact she catches him cheating on her. Unfortunately, they still have a movie to finish so the entire set is moving to this luxurious hotel that is being used for the movies production.

Once at the hotel we meet Alejandro (Diego Boneta). Alejandro is a junior manager at the hotel who is initially portrayed as a womanizer. A woman, whose name he doesn’t know, has just spent the night with him and departs. He prefers non complicated relationships it seems.  Then, while performing his towel deliver duties, he stumbles upon Sophie, sans clothes. Oops. Well in typical rom com fashion it isn’t too long before these two are swirling around each other.

Sophie, feeling vulnerable and curious about Alejandro decides they should meet and spend time with each other, at midnight. This is to avoid paparazzi and be able to spend time without extra supervision. There is something romantic about it and it works as they are on a resort. I wouldn’t advise on such a relationship in the city, but I digress.

Barbaro does her best with the material she is given. While she doesn’t attain Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock romcom status her turn as Sophie is delightful and sweet. One challenge is I never found myself rooting for these two to be together. It was more ambivalence.

The two characters also have completely separate motives for being with each other and they aren’t anywhere near legendary romcom couple status. Instead, we are served with a film that checks the predetermined boxes and goes through the motions. The film is somewhat predicable as nothing is reinvented here. From a streaming option it’s a decent possibility and a cute date night film but you won’t need tissues on this one.

Monica Barbaro is a name that I suspect we will be hearing more of as she has other projects to discuss, this simply won’t be the one that is top of mind.

Grade: C-

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